Thanks for stopping by! Parker Ford Church is a friendly, growing, multi-generational, & diverse community. Most of us live in the Coventry, Pottstown, Royersford and Boyertown areas. At PFC, we see ourselves as A People Following Christ. We believe that God has called us to move in three directions: UP, IN and OUT. More information on our mission and vision at PFC can be found here.

At Parker Ford Church, we see ourselves as A People Following Christ. We believe that church should be a place where we grow closer to God. That's why we are a part of church, right? Do you desire to know God more? Have you ever questioned if you are on His path? Have you wondered if you are doing enough or doing enough right? Perhaps you have found yourself asking how essential religion is. What really is the point of church? Would it be enough to have faith and to pray, but not be involved in church? Or maybe you wonder if going to church is enough to please God. Does God care about the other details of our lives? If so, can we experience more of Him in our day to day? Fortunately, we are not the first people to follow Jesus. Join us as we go back and watch those people who actually walked the earth with Him, as well as listen together to His own words about what it actually looks like to be "A People Following Christ."

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