Thanks for stopping by! Parker Ford Church is a friendly, growing, multi-generational, & diverse community. Most of us live in the Coventry, Pottstown, Royersford and Boyertown areas. At PFC, we see ourselves as A People Following Christ. We believe that God has called us to move in three directions: UP, IN and OUT. More information on our mission and vision at PFC can be found here.

The intent of lent is to more fully identify with Christ’s sufferings and our need for Him. It is not about religious self-denial for the “hard-core” saints, or about self-punishment for the broken sinners. Rather, it is our awareness that we can’t truly experience the depth of the story when we are sitting in comfy chairs, sipping drinks and eating our popcorn. This story is should not be easy on us. However, the more fully we engage the somberness of the story, the more likely we will be able to experience the joy of Easter, the power of the resurrection and the presence of Jesus.

How many pristine, plastic stories of fairytale love can a human heart endure in this broken world before it becomes wounded or cynical? Oh God we need a love with dirt under its nails! We need love that changes diapers and rummages forgiveness in the chaos of human depravity. And there is one…ONE! This year, during lent, we seek to more fully engage that story of a deeper love. The author and finisher of that story is also the lead character. His is a story of a love that left him completely alone, intolerably tired and unrecognizably bloody because, as we all know, true love, in this world is messy. And, for us, He became the mess.
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