Lighten Up

December 2014

There are moments in history and days in our lives that grow so dark it appears that light is not much more than a slippery memory. In those times, existence can grow increasingly heavy, tumultuous, empty and lonesome. It was in a moment just like that in ancient Israel that a poor little baby was born in a small animal garage behind an old small town inn. And when he was born a new star appeared in the heavens and a choir of angels broke into the sky above a few shepherds. Light was miraculously emerging. These lights were not just there to announce the boy’s birth. It was the boy’s birth that made those lights possible. The boy himself was the light. He is still the light and He brings hope, grace, peace, joy, and justice everywhere he goes! At advent we remember the dawn of the light many years ago and we celebrate that same light that dwells with us today. This Christmas season let’s remember and declare with the angels and the prophets that a world plagued with darkness has good reason to Lighten Up. Jesus is here!

November 30, 2014

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December 28, 2014