The Beautiful Red Letters

February - March 2013

As we journey through lent we engage the story of the cross: A tragedy that shatters humanities' understanding of pain, with nobility that defies all boundaries. But this is no mere story. This is history, and the words that we read were breathed by our Savior as He hung on a Roman cross for our redemption. So when we look to the passion texts and find these words spilled like blood on a sea of black and white, let your heart stop and listen with great intent as we reflect on "The Beautiful Red Letters."

Father Forgive Them
February 17, 2013

Woman This Is Your Son
March 3, 2013

Why Have You Forsaken Me?
March 10, 2013

I am Thirsty
March 17, 2013

It Is Finished
March 24, 2013

Why Are You Crying?
March 31, 2013