The Voice

October - November 2014

How big of a deal is communication in a relationship? How important is it to take time to listen and really hear the other person? What about our relationship with Jesus? Are we truly hearing Him? Sometimes we say that we are longing to hear from Him. What if He is already speaking but we haven’t learned yet how to fully tune in to His voice. His sheep know His voice, but in all of the noise of our world, the sheep still may need to expand their understanding of His unique form of communication. Join in as we mature and expand in our ability to hear and understand The Voice.

Turning the Spirit
October 19, 2014

Activating the Imagination
October 26, 2014

Obeying the Leading
November 02, 2014

Praying the Mission
November 09, 2014

Reading the Signs
November 19, 2014