Written On Our Hearts

September 2014

Writing things down helps us to remember and transfer information in detail. Contracts, deeds, academic degrees, constitutions, policies and the like are specific forms of documentation that signal that the contained information is particularly important. But there is detailed information far more sacred than what is found in any of these documents. It is the information that defines our relationship with God and His people. This is covenantal information. This information defines who we are, why we exist, and what we are called to believe and accomplish. It is so important that God not only writes it down on paper (and rock!), but He writes into our very beings like a spiritual genetic code. In this series we will reflect on these key and central truths that defines us at Parker Ford Church. In meditating on this information we are more capable of living according to our design and not getting distracted from the most essential things. Let’s look together at what God has Written On Our Hearts!