Parker Ford Church is by nature a family and an organism more than a corporation or an organization. While the scriptures are clear about the need for human leadership in the church they are also clear that God is the Father of the family and that Jesus is the center of the organism. So leadership at PFC aims to resemble a prayerful parenting more than executive management.



Tim Doering - Forgiven, Loved, Dependent Child of God, Grateful Husband, Blessed Dad, 2 Corinthians 3-4, 422 Corridor, Netzer, A Tale of Three Kings, Visionary, 6-string, Whitestone Gallery, Goofyfoot, LBI, Nightly Family Wrestling Champ, Peanut Butter (yum!), Ball (any kind), Scout, Ireland, Autumn/Fall, a severe case of divine heart burn!

Tim also oversees Vision and Networking on the NETZER team.

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Becky Rosa Brandi
Becky Elliott
Rosa Accurso
Office Administrator

Brandi Russell
Director of Children's Ministry


The Elder team serves as the spiritual oversight team for the congregation. They provide discernment, prayer, anointing and leadership for the people of PFC by seeking the Lord together, and governing the church body according to His leading.


The Deacon team serves as a care network for the congregation. They provide a connection point, spiritual and physical care, and prayer support for families going through difficult times. The goal of PFC Deacons is to provide for specific needs within the PFC community.



Nancy Elliott-Carter, the Moderator, serves as the facilitator of the congregation meeting and sits as the legal head of the congregation.