Parker Ford Church is by nature a family and an organism more than a corporation or an organization. While the scriptures are clear about the need for human leadership in the church they are also clear that God is the Father of the family and that Jesus is the center of the organism. So leadership at PFC aims to resemble a prayerful parenting more than executive management.


D. Jay Martin, Church Pastor at Parker Ford Church, joined the staff in October 2017. D. Jay has a passion for leading and shepherding individuals into places of intimacy and worship with God. He has been leading congregational worship for over 15 years and served as the primary leader and pastor at Drexel Hill Church of the Brethren over the past three years.

DJay Martin

One of D. Jay's greatest desires - which greatly shapes his personal vision for ministry - is to live, serve, and lead in ways that are deeply pleasing to God. D. Jay and Julie have been married for eight years and have three young children. Their kids go by the nicknames Coach (6), Gracie (4), and Zak (1). A typical evening at the Martin house includes good food, lots of giggles, and tons of family fun.

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Pastor Tim Doering oversees Vision and Networking on the NETZER team and serves in the role of Regional Missions and Oversight for Parker Ford Church. He has been married to Jen for seventeen years. They have 2 boys: Evan and Kolton.

Tim Doering

Tim is driven by a deep desire to see the church walk in the unity and power of the triune God. His heart is to see each local body find its unique niche in the kingdom, and to see the leaders of those bodies blessing one another in healthy, supportive, and prayerful relationships. Other Interests: Surfing, Ethnic food, Soccer, Movies, Good coffee.

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Becky Rosa Brandi

Becky Elliott

Rosa Accurso
Office Administrator

Brandi Russell
Director of Children's Ministry



The Elder team serves as the spiritual oversight team for the congregation. They provide discernment, prayer, anointing and leadership for the people of PFC by seeking the Lord together, and governing the church body according to His leading.


The Deacon team serves as a care network for the congregation. They provide a connection point, spiritual and physical care, and prayer support for families going through difficult times. The goal of PFC Deacons is to provide for specific needs within the PFC community.



Nancy Elliott-Carter, the Moderator, serves as the facilitator of the congregation meeting and sits as the legal head of the congregation.