At PFC we understand ministry to be something that happens corporately and individually; inside and outside of our faith community. Church serves as a place where we educate, equip and encourage each other to take the truth and love of Christ into the spaces where we each live, work and play. There are also things that we can uniquely accomplish together to bless those beyond our own local church community. Below you will find the current ministries of PFC arranged in tabs. Please peruse them. Perhaps you will find a gap in them. If so, it may be the beginning of God calling you…

Sunday School

Sunday School is for all ages, from 3 year olds to adults. Sunday School meets from 10 to 10:45am. Children’s classes use crafts, music, Bible stories, and more to teach students how to walk in relationship with God. All classes use faith-based curricula to develop the faith of those seeking God. For more information on Sunday School up to 5th grade speak with our Director of Children's Ministry, Brandi Russell. For information on junior/senior high and adult Sunday School, speak with our PFC Elders or contact the church office.


Nursery is provided during both the Worship Services and the Sunday School hours. Children will have the opportunity to hear a story from the Bible, play, listen to music, and do crafts during this time. Nursery is provided for infants through 3-year-olds, and loving servants of God care for the children. Nursery is also offered for various other events; please contact Brandi Russel for further information.

Junior Church

Junior Church is provided during our 11am service. Pre-kindergarten to 1st grade are dismissed for this ministry after the Sunday morning announcement time. Children interact with a story from the Bible, sing, and do crafts. Second grade through 5th grade participate in Junior Church during the sermon portion of the service, engaging in biblical learning and activities. Brandi Russell directs Junior Church.

PFC Kid's Nights

Three times a year, PFC kids get together for a great time of music, fun, and learning. Kids ages 3-13 are invited to come and participate in learning stories of the Bible, memorizing scripture, and making new friends. If you have questions, speak with our Director of Children's Ministry, Brandi Russell.

Bible Studies

Various Bible studies are offered throughout the week at PFC. If you are interested in getting connected to a midweek time of study and fellowship, please contact the church office, for information on the current studies being offered.

Take Them A Meal

This is our way of making sure that those in need of a meal after hospital stays or having a baby, get them when needed. To get involved send an email to

PFC Kids' Summer Nights

This is a highlight of the church year for our children as well as the adults who volunteer. Usually held in July, this week-long program meets for two hours each evening. A multitude of volunteers are needed to provide a quality Summer Nights Event for kids: station leaders, crew leaders, decorating committee, and many more. The congregation can also participate by donating needed materials.

Halloween Night Pit Stop

Parker Ford Church provides a Halloween Night Pit Stop for parents and kids each year on October 31. Trick-or-Treaters and their moms and dads are able to stop by PFC to use the restrooms, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and increase their candy count. There are free family pictures of kids in their costumes as well as several opportunities for children to win prizes.

Nature Trail

PFC maintains the “Be Still and Know” community trail. Walk it from dawn to dusk. Contact Nancy Elliott-Carter for more information.

Community Garden

Garden plots at the Elliott Farm, across from the church, are available for individuals/families at no cost. Seeds and plants are up to you. If you grow more than you can use, you are encouraged to donate it to the Pottstown Salvation Army or others in need. See Terri Lewis or Nancy Elliott-Carter if you have questions.

Spring City Food Pantry

The Spring City Food Pantry is part of project outreach and services all of Spring City and parts of East Vincent and East Coventry townships. We help to pack and distribute food items once every 10 weeks on Thursday mornings. To help out speak with Becky Elliott.

Stitchers in Christ

This is a ministry at PFC where a group of people in the congregation, get together and use needlework as an expression of love and encouragement to others. The idea is very traditional: crocheting, knitting or sewing to craft shawls, lap robes, baby blankets, etc., to wrap a recipient with God’s love and comfort through prayers said during the creative process and those sent along with the completed item. They meet the first Saturday of every month, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you are interested in get involved or would like more information, please contact Bette Wenger.

The Salvation Army

On the 4th Wednesday of the month, PFC provides a lunch for the homeless of Pottstown on King Street. If you would like to be a part speak with Chuck Shaeffer.

God's Kitchen

PFC sends volunteers each week to God's Kitchen. This ministry is a partnership of area churches and individual volunteers. Folks in need of a meal are bused from Pottstown to Coventry Christian School where they enjoy a great community night including food, music, prayer and a brief devotional. Food and clothes as well as other resources are often available. This night has become a spiritual highlight for many people in our area! Contact Jeri Lovatt for details.

Furniture Ministry

PFC in cooperation with the Chestmont Church of Christ organize a Furniture Ministry for those in need. See Jeri Lovatt for details.

Project Purpose

Project Purpose works with low-income students to stay on track with their schooling. They meet from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Sundays at Coventry Christian School. For more information you can visit their Website .

Matt and Judy Benjamin - Grand Prairie, TX - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Meet the Benjamin family, Matt, Judy, and Jay. They are missionaries serving Wycliffe Bible Translators and live in Grand Prairie Texas. Judy works as a compositor (type setter) for the many types of books their missionaries are writing. She has five books in process and five or six more new books in addition to four reprints waiting to be worked on. Matt works on a team of six cartographers and a database specialist. He is the only one working at their International Center in Dallas while the rest of the team works remotely across the US and keep in touch via internet conference calls. Matt is responsible for research and layout of maps for countries in the Americans and parts of Asia and the Pacific. He is also responsible for training new team members in the US. For more information about them or their ministry please go to or click on the link below.
The Benjamin Family

Mark and Anne Marie Winz - Orlando, FL - Campus Crusade for Christ

"We treasure our connection with Parker Ford Church. We look forward to extending that connection into the future."

Meet the Winz family, Anne Marie, Mark, Michael, and Bethany. They are missionaries serving Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, Florida. They have been married for over 15 years! At Cru, Mark serves on the US communications team helping to create and produce work for Worldwide Challenge Magazine as well as corporate website, Anne Marie works for Judy Douglass, the wife of Cru's president. She helps connect the staff women to Christ and each other and offers encouragement to them. She also manages two online communities and a newsletter. For more about the Winz family please click the link below.

The Winz Family